Swimming Pool Control


Manage your plant room machinery from a single point. The Nifty app.

Routines and more

Set up routines that integrate Pumps, Filters, heating elements and more. Monitor it all.

Money saving

Run the equipment when you need it, saving money on use and on wear and tear.


Add new machinery, change the routines, monitor your spend, respond to issues.

The Nifty brain™ is not just for the home.


Running a pool, involves several pieces of equipment (Boiler, Filters, Pump etc.) and the room tends to be out of the way and not insulated, so you need room lighting, heating and temperature controls too. Then there are the pool and deck lights and their scenes.


On top of all this you might be the only person knows how to turn on the machinery, when to turn it off and in what order. So going away on holiday means that the pool could be unmaintained and algae blooms form.


The Nifty brain™ allows you to control all your machinery, use runtimes and monitor what is happening from a single point no matter where you are in the world.

Routines and more

Running a pool is more than just turning on a pump and dropping in chemicals. There is filtration, chemical addition, heating, Ultraviolet light systems, pumps and the room. Often the pump must come on before using a UV system or when the boiler is activated. Getting this wrong can break expensive machinery.
The Nifty brain™ can operate runtimes that automate all this:


Cleanse Pool


  • Pump on (4hours)
  • UV system on (4 hours)
  • Insert Chemicals


The pump comes on and then 1 minute later the UV system is turned on, when the runtime is complete the system turns off in reverse.


We can monitor all this with a camera to visually check that the system is in fact working as planned. On the room side, installing a multi-function sensor in the door means that lights can automatically turn on when the door is opened, heating can be turned on when the room temperature drops below a set point and a camera can monitor who enters the room.

Money saving

Owning a pool can be expensive and time consuming. There is the spend on chemicals, new equipment and above all, electricity and gas running all this and heating the pool. Nifty helps save money by:


  1. Ensuring that you only run the equipment for as long as you need
  2. Lengthening the life of equipment (such as UV filters) by not overusing them
  3. Reducing the amount of chemicals used
  4. Graphing power use by device


By automating the system, Nifty generates information that when combined with utility costs can tell you how much the pool is costing to run and what each piece of machinery costs to use. Allowing you to make decisions on replacements, repairs and when to run the equipment.


The Nifty brain™ is designed to work with a huge amount of equipment and our engineers are experienced in integrating hardware that is not ‘smart’ into a network using other equipment (i.e. smart sockets.) The network can add more machinery or new runtimes as it evolves and your use patterns change.

It is this ability to mix and match manufacturers and our experience in runtime creation that sets us apart from ‘closed’ shop manufacturer solutions that offer a fixed solution using only their hardware.


The Pool room page in the app showing the different hardware that can be controlled and the status of the pool room. The video is a live feed to show when the machinery is on.

Drop down list that shows the routines. These are automated functions with timers for each. Enabling the owner to run the pool room with just one touch. They can be amended and updated as needed.

We chat, you choose, we install, we integrate…