Smart Lighting

Have fun

Dim them, colour them, co-ordinate them, lights are no longer for illumination alone.

Take control

Turn all your lights off with a single button. No more getting up to turn the kitchen light off. Set them to the colour and brightness you like, for every moment.

Smart home integration

Integrate them with your alarm, so they come on and off when you are away, deterring burglars.

Save money

Turn them off easily, find out which light is using the most energy. Control your lights at a bulb, room or house level ensuring you don’t waste electricity and so money.

Lighting – It’s no longer about illumination

At first there was fire, then candles, then oil lamps, gas lamps and finally electrical bulbs. At each step humanity found new benefits and problems, candles brought light to new room but flickered and were hard to read by, oil lamps and gas lamps were safer and brighter but needed refilling and could cause massive destruction if damaged. Then there was electrical lighting, finally reliable, bright, stable light but the bulbs tended to blow and if you wanted anything but white you had to change the bulb. All of this led us to where we are now, customisable, controllable LED white and LED Multi Colour bulbs with smart software.

The modern LED bulb can be so much more than a source of illumination. With the right integration software and bulb, it is possible for it to change colour, save you money, integrate with your alarm system, create scenes (hyperlink these to the relevant sections.) All controlled from an app, a switch or your voice. As more and more manufacturers jump in, prices are dropping and options are opening up but working out what will work best for you and where you can save money and where you should spend it, is something we can help you with. Lighting is no longer about a bulb and electricity but about what you want, when you want and how you want it. As part of our solution, we take the time to demo a variety of solutions and discuss what you want and need and then create a cost effective, tailored solution for you. It’s the Nifty way….

Historical Lighting

Costly to run and buy

Bright light

Variety of brightness’s

Variety of Shapes and sizes

Reliable, until they blew

Less availability as laws change and shops stop selling them

Traditional LED

Can be dimmed manually

One colour

Low running costs

Long life

Reliable, long lasting

Can be made smarter with the addition of a smart switch

Smart LED

Remote controllable

Can be multicoloured

Low running costs

Long life

Costly to buy

Can integrate into a multiple of apps (Alexa, Hue, Nifty & others)

Want help choosing and need professional installation?